Pride Scooter

PridePride Electric scooters

Pride scooters offer a seamless transportation facility and offer the versatility to change its color and your style with the help of interchangeable shroud panels. Pride scooters come in a compact size so they can easily navigate in narrow space as well.

You can simply disassemble the Pride scooter in five lightweight pieces for easy transportation. It’s really easy to fit the pieces into a car and you can transport it at your desired location and again assemble it quickly. Wheelchairs offer high-quality Pride scooters at the best price in UAE. So search explores our range of products and chooses the most suitable one according to your needs. These types of scooters also offer a high level of stability.

With the help of a microprocessor-based controller, an individual can get added safety features. For a superior level of comfort, Pride scooters come with thick foam. And you can get hassle-free adjustability with a new seat lock rotation handle. There are plenty of features like flat-free tires, freewheel release lever, and removable deck basket make the Pride scooter a perfect mobility vehicle.

At Wheelchair, we have plenty of options in Pride and electric scooters. So explore our range of products and choose the most suitable one as per your requirement.

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