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Evacuation Chair

The Evacuation Chair is an escape instrument for the physically challenged individual(s), using which they can effortlessly come out from unforeseeable situations like fire, theft, etc., with the help of stairs.
This chair will assist the individual in safely gliding down from top-level all the way through the stairs to the floor-level during emergencies.

Where can the Evacuation Chair are used?

  • Buildings and apartments
  • Tech Parks
  • Health institutions
  • Shopping malls

Is it essential to use Evacuation Chair?

Using lift or elevators are not recommended during incidents like fire, theft, etc. Moreover during these times, an elevator tends to stop or is made dysfunctional keeping in mind the safety of people. During these circumstances, most of the people can take the help of stairs to reach out of the safe area, but when it comes to the physically challenged walking down the stairs can be inconvenient. This when the Evacuation Chair comes to play by helping these physically challenged people exit the premises safely.

An emergency situation results in chaos and anxiety amongst the people, especially the ones who suffer from mobility. By means of Evacuation Chair, such situations can be tackled with paramount safety in the midst of an agile approach.

These chairs can also be identified as disabled Evacuation Chair, fire Evacuation Chair, stairs Evacuation Chair, Evac chairs, etc., so don’t get confused. Going with the name, it is easy to understand that these chairs can be affixed with a wheelchair. Therefore the wheelchair users can also escape from such situations with easy glide and not without much ado.

The location of Evacuation Chair should not be prone to any obstacles at the time of need or else its motive will be unfulfilled. The chair must be placed within reach of the physically challenged with marking and depicting its presence.

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